posh ponchos mom

Hi!  Thank you for checking out BohoWrapsody.  We’re delighted you like Our versatile wraps and ponchos  It was actually my mother’s idea.  In 1968 we lived in Panama (Air Force brat here).  There my mother purchased a traditional poncho made the standard Central American (shapeless) way.  In an effort to have “something not everyone else had” my mother took the poncho to a seamstress and created the pattern you see here now: the seam down the front meant she did not have to pull it over her head (saving her hair & make up) and – it “twirled nicer.”  

It remained the only one like it I ever saw. Until now.  BohoWrapsody is an homage to my stylish mother who wanted things that not everyone else had (she liked being unique) and that married practicality with sophistication and style.

Thank you, mom.