Why BohoWrapsody?

why boho wrapsody

BohoWrapsody offers an alternative to:

  • Complex sarongs - too much folding!
  • Cumbersome pants and tops – too much to carry!
  • Wrap skirts – hello, your top is still exposed!

Beautifully Easy.  Elegantly Simple.  Perfectly You.

We carefully chose fabric that

  • Breathes
  • Flows
  • Remains wrinkle-free
  • Is easy to care for

Each BohoWrap has a limited run – once we've sold out of any style, we never re-make it! This ensures that none of your girlfriends will have the exact same one!

Further customize YOUR BohoWrapsody with our interchangeable button system: From super simple to look-at-me glam our unique closure system offers you the chance to make the statement you want to make.

Your BohoWrapsody carries a money back guarantee (return un-worn).